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Tamimi Solutions – enriching the future!

Based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, combining the powxer of our experience and network built over more than 40 years of delivering successful projects, Tamimi Solutions has fostered its people-first approach to become a truly diverse customer-centric entity.

We harness a solid heritage of entrepreneurship and rich culture to always add value to the overall customer experience. We enrich the future of multiple industries that we work with across Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, South Asia,  Gulf countries and other regions of the world. Revolving around our "global connectivity" mission, Tamimi Solutions has risen as a leading GCC player in food supply (distribution and wholesale) and services, multi-industry Project Management, Technology, Pest Control & Material Supply.

We inspire the world!

With over 40 years of experience and expertise onboard, today Tamimi Solutions is helping industries and people in all corners of the world meet their needs, enhance their capabilities and bolster aspirations. We connect with many lives beyond geographical boundaries.

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