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Say bye to pests!

Tamimi Solutions pest control division

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provides pest control services you can trust!

Primarily dealing with food supply to most of the industries across Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Gulf countries and other regions of the world, we are among those entities most concerned with the pest control mechanisms and regulations to keep our premises free from pests and our supplier's quality intact. The same is reflected in our most effective and advanced pest control services we provide to our clients!

Tamimi Solutions, since its inception 40 years back, has strictly been paying immense attention
to pest control service. Consequently, we have developed a huge work-force with extensive experience and expertise to protect your corporate premises from all kinds of pests including ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, rodents, sub-terrain termites, birds, venomous pests and other pests.

Our pest control services follow the industry's best practices and standards. All our pest control experts, technicians, and workers are certified, ensuring the adherence to the latest pest control regulations for businesses in different regions. Since we are also dealing with the food supply, our safety and pest control standards are very high.

We ensure “advance & comprehensive” pest control in place!

Tamimi Solutions uses the latest, environment-friendly pest treating mechanisms to help remove and control the pest menace across multiple corporate and industrial facilities. Based on the severity and requirement of the situation, our advanced pest control services also include fogging, fumigation, decontamination, extensive cleaning of the facilities, and disinfectant spraying.

We help eradicate and control pests in a vast range of businesses like hospitality, food, healthcare, and manufacturing. Our experienced and certified personnel are trained in all pest control activities and carry these with all necessary safety guidelines and in a reasonable time.

We are concerned about our planet and the environment too!

We are 100% aware of the environmental mark caused by the chemicals and the subsequent damages arising for our ecosystem. Therefore, we act responsibly, protecting the planet we all share.

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