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Food services

We have got the globe covered – with hundreds of food products being supplied to hundreds of businesses operating in Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, the Gulf countries and other regions of the world!

With a vast global supply chain network across continents, we are a leading supplier of fresh food products of all kinds and are extensively involved in the whole sale as well as distribution of fresh produce and food products. With our state of the art technology and consolidated distribution strategy, we have adopted industry best practices and processes complying to the latest regulations concerning the regions we supply to. With customers at heart, we never compromise on quality, hygiene, and cost-saving factors to deliver you the best experience.

Wholesale & Distribution of fresh produce to a range of businesses!

Tamimi Solutions is the nation’s leading food supplier in KSA, and one of the key players in international markets, supplying fresh produce to a range of businesses in multiple industries, both in public and private sectors – Thanks to our distribution network. Our B2B customers include hospital facilities, oil and gas facilities, labour camps, ministries, retail markets, hotels and more. We supply anywhere, to any business!

We are a leading organisation dealing in the import and wholesale of fresh produce as well as dry food products, thereby, providing a top class service of meeting our customers demands no matter what, when and where, we are always there. Our imported and wholesale product categories range from fresh foods to beverages, to dairy products, and to any precise requirements.

Our fresh produce network leverages local farms and businesses as well as international growers and exporters from Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, India, North America, the USA as well as European countries to name a few.

Industry-leading distribution network

Our food services deliver exceptional produce,high-quality seafood, custom cuts of meat,imported foods and global flavors. The vast network of our suppliers is blended with our profound business expertise in this industry. Our unmatched selection of ingredients and products connects brands as well as small to medium businesses to our industry-leading distribution network - keeping our customers with the freshest products.

Regardless of the location of customers, we supply to all via our consolidated food supply distribution channels. Flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency are the strengths upon which we retained local and global customers for four decades.

Quality is the key!

As an ISO-9001 certified company, we have always complied with the strict quality control regulations for food quality at every stage. Moreover, we believe quality goes beyond just our products, we deliver high quality in our service and every point of contact at Tamimi Solutions.

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