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Material Supply

All at one place!

Tamimi Solutions trades in a range of materials that are required by customers in various industries. We are specialized in multiple areas and general trading, thereby, ensuring continuous material supply to different industries across Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Gulf countries and other regions of the world. Thanks to our consolidated resources and extensive partner network..


Vast range of materials and services!

We deal in with all kinds of materials, supplies and tactical equipment, including fabrics, clothing, work wear, uniforms, safety caps of all kinds, and accessories, work equipment, and protective wear of all kinds, for a diverse range of industries. We also supply materials used in different maintenance projects such as custom designed glass work, stonework, mechanical parts and hardware just to name a few. Why not get in touch and check it out for yourself?

We also provide support in the design and development of various kinds of products, services, and technical specifications to suit our client’s specific requirements.


Tamimi Solutions serves as a one-stop-solution provider for all material supply needs!

We operate in and cover multiple industrial sectors; oil and gas, EPC projects, civil engineering, and construction projects to name a few - all the way to healthcare and hospitality to commodities and supply chain management. Our business operation flawlessly blends procurement, supply chain and logistics functions to leverage on our global resource base.

Tamimi Solutions prides itself on having robust relationships with global and principal regional companies as supply and logistics partners. From time-to-time, our team also sources the attractive surplus inventory stocks of high-quality materials, equipment, and products worldwide at clearance rates.

We specialise in sourcing and supplying difficult to find products, materials, parts, ingredients, and accessories, and we help businesses handle numerous RFPs and performance specification requirements for their project(s) and supply chain needs.

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